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Whether you have a slab leak or any type of plumbing leak, getting control of the situation quickly is always the ideal solution. The longer a leak is allowed to go undetected the greater the chances it has of causing costly problems for you. At Glendale Plumbing and Drain Pros, we have a team of independent contractors that expertly trained in the latest leak detection methods. When you suspect a water leak is hiding underneath the foundation of your home or within your walls, we have the equipment to locate the leak quickly and take care of the problem right away.

We Treat All Leaks like Emergencies

Because you cannot see a concealed leak it is understandable that you may not think it is an emergency. But the truth is that the leak may have been underneath the concrete slab of your home for weeks or months causing a multitude of damages that you are not aware of yet. This is why when homeowners call us for leak detection services we treat each call like an emergency.

What does that mean for you? It means we send one of our specialists to your home within minutes. All of our independent contractors have electronic leak detection equipment in their vans and can perform inspection services without delay.

Treating Slab Leaks

If a slab leak is detected, we go out of our way to use non-invasive means to make the necessary repairs. Depending on the scope of the problem our contractors may use an epoxy solution to repair the punctured pipe or they may be able to replace the damaged part. In some cases, depending on the severity of the situation, our contractors may need to reroute the piping underneath the foundation. No matter what the case may be our contractors will provide free, written estimates and work with you to find a solution that is within your budget.

To learn more about how we find below ground leaks and other leaks in appliances such as your home’s water heater, contact the leak detection service in Glendale, Arizona that is the best in the business!